Jan 012010

Salisbury Street Residence

[design] Paul Wakelam
[location] Leederville  Perth Western Australia
[site area]
[building area]
[total floor area]

Salisbury Villa is a tough little building located in Leederville, a now cool and hip inner-city suburb to be occupied by a couple with no children who have guests stay over frequently.

The site is on reclaimed land subdivided from two to four lots, each approximately 200sqm. There is a north-south aspect to the site, with a pool and timber deck occupying the front yard. A canopy roof allows for outside dining and protection from summer sun, but also enables winter sun to flood into the back of the kitchen.

The internal spaces are located around a light void over the staircase. This allows light back into the bathroom to the north and bedrooms to the south, with light spilling down into the kitchen and living spaces. Filtered and direct light is used to open internal spaces and create a feeling of openness belying the narrowness of the site.